Centre Of New Education

Centre Of New Education sees its mission in contributing to the reformation of former educational institutions and creating innovative schools that meet the requirements set for this area in present-day environment. In addition, we offer a number of educational programmes together with career development courses for professionals in the area of education. Our programmes comply with educational aims worldwide; we introduce the concept and principles of Finnish education as one of the most effective at the moment. We also promote Finnish and global innovations as tools to increase the effectiveness of the process.


Educational programmes and tours

Centre Of New Education is the organizer of educational, training and innovative programmes for teachers and specialists in the field of education.

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Education experts club

  • Promoting educational innovation
  • A platform for specialists’ experience exchange
  • Expert’s advice

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Educational summits

Organizing and conducting summits with the participation of education experts, pioneer pedagogues, specialists and authors of innovative educational technologies.

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inFINity innovative school

  • Progressive methods and principles of the Finnish school
  • Unlocking creative potential
  • Modern view on education

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“New Education today” journal

  • Articles on innovation in education
  • About people creating new technologies in education
  • Coverage of educational forums and subject events

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HAPPY LAND International Centre

Leisure activities for young children, school students, and adults.

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Our mission:

Centre Of New Education

Our organization aims to contribute to changing the education system in the world by extending the best practices in the field. We offer the educational innovations of Finland, as a country with one of the best education systems, as well as other world technologies, for study and implementation.

Educational programmes
Countries of cooperation

Why Finland?



1st Place
According to the results of the studies carried out by the British analytics think tank The Legatum Institute, Finland ranks first in the world rating among 149 countries in the category of education (The Legatum Prosperity Index, 2018).



1st place
Finland is the happiest country in the ranking of 156 countries in the world (World Happiness Report 2019). The World Happiness Report was released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations..


Social Progress

2nd place
According to the research of the international analytical organization Social Progress Imperative, Finland ranks second among 160 countries in the rating determining the index of social progress (The Social Progress Index 2017).



3rd place
According to the research of The Legatum Institute, which measures the achievements of the countries of the world in terms of their prosperity and well-being, out of 149 countries Finland occupies the third place in the index of prosperity (The Legatum Prosperity Index 2017).

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Our approach in education

The priority of the new approach to effective modern education is to create the best possible environment to unlock a child’s potential in happiness, joy, and love. Such environment is created by a teacher, whose personality and teaching principles help a child realize their uniqueness and make first steps towards its demonstration, gaining life goals and self-power.

Our uniqueness:

Our longstanding work in the area of education, as well as analysis of various educational systems together with practices in Finnish education system allow us to claim that we have discovered the success phenomenon of the latter, structured and justified it from a scientific point of view based on recent findings in quantum physics.

Finland is:

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